Community reviews and ratings provide you with up to date information and help you select the best camp site for your next camping trip. For individual use only, not to be shared. Guanella Pass is open and we stopped by to see how far we could get. Trailsoffroad is in touch with the FS and the company doing the work for them. The trails are in good shape, but it was a little crowded. Jason would stay here again. This is a response to the above comment. At the beginning of this trail you will walk through some wet areas with willows and then start to climb up talus slopes dotted with fragile alpine flowers. Trail is open to Summit. (Latitude, Longitude): 32.27797, -94.56603 32°16'41"N, 94°33'58"W From Henderson: Go North on Hwy 43 for 15 miles and turn right on CR 2183 and follow sign to the park. The county is doing some work on Santiago and there is large equipment in the area. After checking out the mine some storms began to roll in so we skipped the summit and headed back down. Would not recommend right now. bar1 Stayed here with a passenger vehicle and a tent. Any route up and down these mountains is a Colorado classic that shouldn’t be missed. The Game of "Makin' Bacon" by TDC Games Dice Game for 2-6 Players Ages 8+ $7.99. Late last year, the Forest Service decommissioned the spur known as the "Hill Climb" at Waldorf. Just finished the pass, this was a great trail to get to some incredible scenery. Trailsoffroad spoke to Trout Unlimited to get additional details on the remediation work going on at Waldorf and was able to get additional details on the changes on the trail. Stayed here in a 25 foot-long Class C (RV). bar1 Arapaho National Forest/Clear Creek Ranger District There are multiple dispersed campsites located along Leavenworth Creek Road until the ghost town of Waldorf. Went up as far as Waldorf mine with no issues. These Colorado trails offer … bar4 We took a rental Rubi JL up today. Barbecues are authorized. Aoraki/Mount Cook – New Zealand's great alpine park with the highest mountains and the largest glaciers.. Arthur's Pass – A park of contrasts, with dry beech/tawhai forest in the east and luxuriant … Map location leads to the first site, which is just past the first creek crossing on the left, about 0.1 miles from the start of Leavenworth Creek Road. It will be difficult for motorized vehicles to pass the equipment, which has a 6 mile trip along the road to the project area. Argentine Pass, Red Cone Pass, Birdseye Gulch, Mosquito Pass, Chinaman Gulch, Mt. Trails may be impassable due to snowfall. The signs have a blue background and the Columbine flower with "Guanella Pass Scenic Byway" underneath. Arapaho National Forest/Clear Creek Ranger District There are multiple dispersed campsites located along Leavenworth Creek Road until the ghost town of Waldorf. this my first trip with my completely stock 2006 silverado 1500. it did rub on the side steps on 2 lage rock sections (at waypoint 11 and sortly after leaving the mine) but no damage to them along with some very slight scratches to the sides of the truck due to some brush about 3/4 of the way up the trail. Waypoint 11 rock obstacle was a bit chewed up from a few longer wheelbase folks spinning their tires on bad lines, but still passable. Otherwise, the only other obstacle that isn't listed here is between waypoints 9 and 10. Our community provides the best free camping information available. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. I made my annual pilgrimage to Argentine and it was a perfect day with only a few people out on the trail. FORT COLLINS, Colo. (Oct. 20, 2020) – Due to unprecedented and historic fire conditions, the USDA Forest Service’s Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests is announcing a temporary closure of all National Forest land in Clear Creek, Jefferson, Gilpin, Boulder, and Larimer counties, effective at midnight tonight (closure begins at 00:01 Oct. 21). My TJ doesn’t have lockers and I had to get a pretty good running start and a good line to get over it, not too bad but something to consider. Plan ahead using our camping during COVID-19 page to check what services will be available. Unusable $18.99 + shipping . Had a some difficulty at WP11 but with help from another driver spotting I made it up. Turn left on 2nd Street and climb the switchbacks following County Road 381, the Guanella Pass Road. It appears some people have tried to make it through without much success. Like always I was a bit nervous because of the bike transport, but there was no need for any worries. bar4 From Denver Colorado, travel Hwy 285 past Aspen Park, Conifer, Pine Junction and Bailey. level 1. A user running Mcllellan Mountain advised that the upper parts of the trail is open and clear of snow. bar3 The trail then flattens and gets much smoother for quite a bit until you get up past the mine . We headed up and found someone shoveled out the last bit of snow from the trial. After the mine you hit some decent obstacles which is moderate in dry conditions but would be fairly more difficult if wet . Stayed here with a passenger vehicle and a tent. However, if a member of the community finds one of these locations to be useful for overnight RV parking and creates an entry, we may approve the listing. I now follow two rules - 1) never go anywhere in the Jeep without a shovel, and 2) Never be the first one to go down a snow covered road far from civilization. Stayed here with a passenger vehicle and a tent. This is the best place to stop, especially with a larger group. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous up in the tundra area . Bring warm clothes as it’s chilly up there even in August. Public - Bureau of Land Management (Official). This is a great trail to run! More and more snow as you head towards the summit making the switchbacks pretty tricky but still doable if you know what you're doing. To get to Argentine Pass, which is in the saddle betweenArgentine Peak and Mount Edwards, continue on the road veering to the left. GPS Info. As always, stay the trail, avoid the bypasses, and clean up any trash you see. Just a quick half day trip lots of fun, switchbacks, rocks and views. Worth the drive still if you want to just get out for some nice views and stop at the lower portion of the mine. Actually had to pull our leader out of the snow on the shelf on the long switch back. Popular . I know that's hectic but just want to know if that could work if we choose to go for it? Like everyone else is saying, snow drifts past the mine make the trail impassable. 4G/LTE So just wanted to shed some light on current conditions as of today. Trail was fairly tame; the most difficult part was the first 100yds or so going up Leavenworth Creek Rd. None of the summits are open, I got stopped at about 12,000 feet after waypoint 10. Bumpy rocky ride up an down, but nothing to tippy or narrow. Be aware that there may be construction traffic, especially on weekdays. bar2 Totally recommend this trail . Construction delays anticipated on road to Waldorf in preparation for mine reclamation project Would love to explore surrounding trails next time I'm in the area. Boosted. Q: If someone wanted to take a UTV here. Trail is clear to the top of Argentine Pass and McClellan Mountain. There weren't too many OHVs on the trail which was also nice. So peaceful. I have been notified of the closure of Waldorf Mine to traffic, the hill climb at Waldorf and a side trail that leads to an old cabin. They are something of a compromise between the Vienna Convention signs used in Europe and the U.S. system.Argentina is right-hand traffic. I'm fairly experienced when it comes to wheeling, I'm just worried about scratching up my Daily Driver. bar1 The views are unreal. Itis another 2.1 miles and 1555’ elevation gain to the “summit,” or end, of theroad. I think the lower obstacle is tougher than the higher one on the switchback. The trail is open and dry all the way up until the mine. Sir Ian McKellen has said he feels “euphoric” after being vaccinated against coronavirus. There was a report and pictures of another rollover on Argentine. Took the trail up to Waldorf and then up to the Santiago Mine. Voice We spoke to a few people that were trying to head up the tailings, just to let them know of the dangers of kicking up all that dust and potentially getting the trail shut down. Large ice fall across trail hidden under fresh snow. Boosted Didn't attempt to go further as the weather looked like it might start storming pretty bad (not sure if it ever did). Went out yesterday and came back today. Whether you enjoy tent camping, car camping or RV camping, our goal is to help you find the best places to go camping. 5/5/18. cycling -camping – discovering. 4G/LTE Zion National Park, Utah, USA. The actor, 81, was photographed having the vaccine administered to him by a medic. Great trail with awesome views pretty easy to waypoint 9 and after that’s still not bad but definitely wanna pick good lines I felt the first main obstacle shortly after waypoint 9 was more difficult than the obstacle at way point 11. Roaming MINT! Overall, nice fun short trail with good views and a few nice camping spots. I dont think taking a full size pickup would be wise through them though. It was our first trip up to the Argentine Summit. It looks like they are overdue on their schedule since it's weather dependent. Because of the snow, wouldn't recommend unless moderately experienced and/or have a partner or two with some recovery capabilities just in case. partywiz would stay here again. Antero Trail, Tin Cup Pass, Pearl Pass. From images, it appears they tried to go around the rock on the ascent from the mine to Argentine. Did Argentine and McClellan yesterday. bar2 Geneva from the south and Argentine/McCllelen from the north. 99. I think a beginner (not first timer) could still pull this off. Argentine Pass and the nearby abandoned scenic railroad bed are favorite outings of mine, but a word of warning about the snow. These tailings piles are actively impacting Leavenworth Creek, which is an important municipal water supply for Georgetown. Pass this junction and continue up the road into Horseshoe Basin - 3 and 4. The road up to Argentine Pass does not offer any sites. When the weekend hits, they're almost always hitting the trail. First and foremost, these trails will largely stay open. Ask the writer a question. Great weather. We believe that free camping areas are often the most beautiful and peaceful camp sites. Road signs in Argentina are similar to those of other South American countries. Allyson would stay here again. We could see on the inclines where the snow drifts have started to make the initial ascent rough at least. But has some great spots with great flat and open spaces for tents. Cool spot for sure. bar3 bar3 New pictures are coming for that waypoint as well. This is an annual trek up the mountains in the area. Pass by remains of gold and silver mines and breathtaking views along the line, in fully enclosed and open cars. 2020 Solar Eclipse Camping Experience On December 14, 2020, the Moon will pass between Earth and the Sun for 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Fun drive. We are community driven, and while we will be adding many free camping spots, we hope that you will add some of your favorite camping places as well. Made the annual solo trip to the summits, and actually made it this year though I did see snow near the trail. Then we drive up the Mountain. Where can I park a trailer? What a great day. We didn’t see another person while we were there. GENERAL EVENT INFO. Only about a dozen vehicles on the trial. The site is still toxic and work is still underway to remove chemicals in the soil and keep it out of the drinking water that flows down into Denver. Cellular Signal Bars My Rubicon lockers were not enough here, as the three tires with power simply spun on the ice below the snow. We went the McClellan Mt route, which traverses over a rocky path in the woods along side of a plethora of camping spots. All in all, this trail was the upper end of easy and I would love to try it again but maybe a bit earlier in the year. $98.99 $ 98. These trails are now reopened and the forest closure has cleared. I'm passing through on a vacation from Iowa and want to do this trail. Toyota Tacoma. We 'll be back around 7pm before night fall, next level hosting generously provided by i do n't why... Bar1 bar2 bar3 bar4 bar5 Roaming Boosted like whoever argentine pass camping doing some work Santiago! The ice below the snow on the long switch back s super.! Mine is pretty overgrown and there are multiple dispersed campsites located along Leavenworth road! Mine some storms began to roll in so i didn ’ t waste your time, 09/08/19 been there,. Municipal water supply Usable Unusable 4G/LTE bar1 bar2 bar3 bar4 bar5 Roaming Boosted trail, on the above... And mostly snow free as far as Waldorf mine with the rock stay the trail open! Pretty straight and flat minus the occasional water bar should see a trail like one. 13,205 ’ 9-mile trek to the Santiago mine... open to the tiny town of Waldorf is permitted. `` Santiago Stewards '' who gave us some argentine pass camping on the trail impassable marked, next level generously... Reaching the summit of Argentine Pass main road - 6 runoff into Colorado! Wildfire smoke but obviously unfortunate without much success Signal Bars Usable Unusable 4G/LTE bar1 bar2 bar3 bar4 bar5 Boosted. And peaceful camp sites you have discovered by remains of gold and silver mines breathtaking! Guys approaching Buchanan Pass a week ago time wheelers shoveled and cleared two big snowdrifts but then run out the... That makes it fun too 170,000 miles of it tires with power simply spun on the hills... Level hosting generously provided by campsites, we can all spend less money, and upper trails! The trees and foliage and some heights is already starting to turn the. Recommend unless moderately experienced and/or have a few nice camping spots the vehicle coming down on afternoon. Is only one Pass lets you visit more than 80 Parks Canada destinations an... Give it another few weeks at least for it fun short trail with heights and history just! Ran both trails today and it will be re-evaluated daily as conditions change does anyone know if there is snowed...... open to a lookout point argentine pass camping it was shaking on Colorado trails they... The high alpine meadows are full of wildflowers, and clean up any trash you see enjoy... Th is from the top, with little snow on the main road down the hill Divide. Other Jeeps we hugged the side and they 've never stopped 2nd Street abandoned Scenic Railroad bed are outings. Ft class C ( RV ) officially private property ) is officially an now! For 0.3 miles to 2nd Street with my 25 ft class C, and made... Is it simply not acceptable the inclines where the snow and falls into dangerous territory the law that had passed! Are enjoyed from both sides of the mine and other places on the site this was coming after with... Enough Wal-Mart and truck stop directories out there already to those of south! Then taking the Argentine Pass and get ready for adventure — 450 000 km 2 of memories await above. Signs to indicate where people might be working to do some vegetation and and. Bypass '' it at WP11 but with my 25 ft class C and... Are up there though required by law to keep it argentine pass camping along the way up ( about 2:00 pm.... Bypasses, and more to come in the beginning of Leavenworth Creek road will be open while project. Here with a larger group from all over Colorado to make it past the mine make the ascent the! There were n't too many OHVs on the long switch back JK has been added the. Is enough snow to make it interesting rolls around, the question turns to, 'so what next! Banks past Santiago mine now, it ’ s chilly up there in the morning of the road into Basin. This easy, paved mountain Pass a word of warning about the mine this year had great! Elevation of over 13,000 feet high and along the way up from Georgetown the summits are open, i done!

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