The lower features a black hard-coat anodized finish, is mil-spec, and is compatible with all after-market products. Are do they have to be by brand only? © 2020 Armed Forces International - Outdoor SpaceX Media LLC. To be clear though, these are not in any set order. lightweight lower ($269)  looks like something from Starship Troopers. As far as the finish that you come out with, this depends upon what anodizing process you use, and the level of polishing that you want to apply. THAT I READ ON A REGULAR BASIS But for competition, SHTF, or home defense — I really recommend looking at ambi lowers or at least adding a ambi safety and mag to your normal lower. Meaning Mil spec, or not. As mentioned, apart from the minor extra, these are the two biggest considerations. Would I put one on a modern home defense rifle? They make em in 9mm & 556. Safe and fire are also etched into the selector switch without the burst or auto marking (which is for semi-auto rifles), but these can be added depending on your State Laws for automatic rifles. Finish your lower with our Best Lower Parts Kits and also the AR-15 Resource Guide for all other parts. Ultimately you’ll get a feel for each company and find favorites, as I have. This was the case with both the Polymer 80 lower and the JMT lower. FYFI AND THE OFFICER HAD TO DROP TO THE GROUND IN A HURRY Finishes also vary, but you can match up your upper lower and handguards with Cerakote or Durakote and give everything a uniform finish and custom look. NOW THAT MY CLOSE FRIEND IS NO LONGER IN THE GUN BUSINESS Answering these questions will ensure you choose the perfect lower receiver for your needs. FOR EVERYTHING THAT YOU YOU COULD IMAGINE WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM AT ALL FOR OVER THIRTY PLUS YEARS NOW Cameron leans heavily on over a decade of experience with firearms and half a decade in the armed forces to bring you information on shooting sports, building and selecting guns, choosing gear, gun safety, and maintenance. So check out our reviews of the Best 9mm AR15 Uppers, the Best AR 15 ACOG Scopes, the Best Scope Mounts for AR15 Rifle, the Best Aimpoint for AR15, and the Best AR 15 Charging Handles currently available to find out more. The mag well is standardized and has a small bevel, as well as being slightly flared for easier reloading. These are much better for making lowers, and are designed for the sand casting methods that most DIY Homebrew hobbyist foundries use. If there’s a current event or meme…they’ll have you covered. Some lowers sell for $99 and they sell 10k of them, Anderson's sell for $40 and they probably sell 3x others. CAUSEING SEVERE PROBLEMS This Complete Lower Includes a Completely Assembled Lower, Magpul Lower Parts Kit, Buffer Tube, Magpul B.A.D Lever Battery Assist Device, Magpul Enhanced Aluminum Trigger Guard, & Magpul Buttstock Assembly. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted AR-15 Rifles by Anderson Manufacturing at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. Thanks for all the great info pewpewtacital! The lower starts out as a block of pure aluminum that ends up on various machines that mill it into a finished product. However, 6061 is more corrosion resistant. The lower is built from a block of 7075 T6 aluminum and machined to get the final product. When drilling trigger pin holes and others plunge once and be done. AND I HAVE ALWAYS APPRECIATED THE OPTION OF THE PEOPLE The original article is a couple years old if you look back at the comments so the "prices accurate at time of writing" is technically true. And in fact, many brands don’t even produce their own lowers and simply stamp a logo on it. Anderson Manufacturing 80% Lower. Did one build with this. $33 for an Anderson or $90 for an Aero? On the left side, you’ll have the PSA logo, and the model number etched onto the mag well. Not unless I couldn’t find a normal lower. I AM AND OLD DISABLED VETERAN You have to read and see if its compatible with what you are building. Anderson Lowers are cheap ($42 for stripped and $120 for complete), they’re forged 7075-T6, and they’re often available. As for the magazine well, the billet uses a V-shaped design. See how it already looks different from regular AR-15 lowers? This Seekins lower ($250) shows what cool things can be done with billet. The only difference lies in the markings. I would like to build a very good 308, My other rifles are very good I just want to build a 309. Is this common with the Anderson lower? And we’ve built our fair share of AR’s with a variety of lowers! Built for any design, Brownells lowers are the platform to any performance AR-15 or rifle. The lower features an integrated trigger guard, upper-to-Lower tension screw, threaded bolt-catch screw, and a threaded plug for take-down hole. That said — the KE Arms KP-15 was designed by KE Arms with the help of Ian McCollum and Karl Kasarda from InRangeTV based on their What Would Stoner Do 2017/2020 projects. Other features also include the trigger slack adjustment screw and the takedown spring. The overwhelming majority of lower receivers are made of aluminum. Whoever made the forgings changed the rear to delete the forward assist, but nothing around the ejection port. BUT I KNOW TIMES HAVE CHANGED WITH BETTER TECHNOLOGY All the parts I got for it fit like a champ. Think of it this way, the manufacturer is Michelangelo and the billet bar stock is the marble. Also fits for many upper… If not, would you be willing to test one on a new build and give us your thoughts? ESPECIALLY WERE THE MAGAZINE WELL WAS BECAUSE WHEN IN TRAINING Billet designs are a good choice as the upper and lower are designed for perfect fitting in both style and measurements. If your bored of standard, traditional lowers, try the Sharps Bro Warthog; it will definitely fit your brief for a custom AR-15. I'll save the $57 and buy 7 or 8 CPD aluminum mags. And I agree aero uppers best bang for your buck hands down. Cameron grew up in the Great Smoky Mountains in NC and served as a US Army Cavalry Scout in Operation Iraqi Freedom where he earned his Cavalry Stetson, Gold Spurs, and Combat Action Badge (his favorites). But the ones I see at the gun store are not on the list? Their products are respected amongst the firearms community and have earned a reputation for making premium products. Simple, so you can use all of the controls from both sides of the rifle. A full pound or close to it is some real weight savings. I found it interesting enough, he says cast was good enough for him and Dallas Texas SWAT. Caps all day it is! Oh…and now we have a full review on Aero’s M4E1 uppers and build kits using…you guessed it…Aero lowers. Anderson AM-15 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem. This Complete Lower Includes an Assembled Lower, Lower Parts Kit, Buffer Tube, & Buttstock Assembly. The left side has fewer markings, as the logo is smaller, and this is designed for your own marking if you wish to personalize the mag well. AS FOR AS THE ESSENTIAL ARMS LOWER RECEIVER I have used their lowers on countless builds and have had zero issues with them. BECAUSE I HAVE USED THIS WEAPON Those parts do not match. THAT HAS A CAST LOWER RECEIVER Even if you buy together unless it says matched pair you might still have the same problem. Someday we’re gonna be right where he is. It is off just enough that you can see through the gap between the upper and lower at the rear when you hold it up to the light. also, have you any input on Palmetto brand? Learn more, Top 8 Best AR-15 Lower Receiver In 2020 Review, Best AR-15 Lower Receiver Comparison Chart, Brownells Anderson AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver, Seekins Precision SP223 Billet Set Receiver, Top 8 Best AR-15 Lower Receivers On The Market 2020 Reviews. Can’t wait for some future builds with more of them…my personal favorite for most builds. Well written article. I'm a huge fan of the AK platform's ability to shrug off any and all environmental factors and still go bang every time. One key feature that the Rainier Arms lowers have is a small screw at the back of the pistol grip. Customizing your own trigger guard may not look as good. The PSA lowers are forged from 7075-T6 aluminum and are standardized with mil-spec craftsmanship. True, all are machined, but sometimes there are flaws, so make sure all the holes and cuts are clean and no machine lines can be seen. But I'd rather have an AR for each family member when we go shoot than a $1000 AR that I don't want scratched or touched. Our lower Receivers are CNC machined from a high-strength, 7075 T6 aluminum forging for reliable performance and outstanding durability. Looking at options online I came across a polymer lower, the JMT AR-15 80% Gen 2 Polymer Lower. My AR builds individually cost less than the 2A Arms Lower. this will be my first ar so looking into a budget build. DENVER. I appreciate all of your reviews. All manufacturers use 7075 T6 aluminum, and they are all Mil-Spec, so it really depends on the look you are going for. Anderson Manufacturing is not the most popular AR-15 manufacturer, but they do have a pretty special collection worth checking out. My accuracy testing lower uses the Anderson and Hiperfire trigger (Best AR-15 Triggers). THANK YOU And every once in a while Aero will release their Pew Pew lower ($105). But we do have a couple on order so when they get here… we’ll let you know. I just built my first AR. Love it! None were "scratch & dent" specials either. They also make a polymer ar 15 receiver set which is supposed to be very durable. I first heard about the Kentucky arms company back at SHOT Show, and I’ve kept my eyes on them ever since.At first glance, Anderson is yet another run-of-the-mill rifle producer, but I wanted to find out for myself. AND THE COLT SPI ENDED UP HAVING A CRACK IN THE MAGAZINE WELL First and foremost, this is truly completely ambidextrous. Also coated with a RRA NM 2 stage Tactical 's sales and deals.... What you require, you ’ ll let you know who machined the model! Walls of each lower are designed for perfect fitting in both style and reduced weight ambidextrous fire icons... 15 in competition for some future builds with more info once we done! While building, who cares they are all more or less equal Precision that guarantees lifetime use minimum of ambi., that extra lump of metal gets some machining and is somewhat hidden by the port. It seems, so it really depends on the lower & forged receivers generally on premium.! M16A1, XM16, or English class savvy you any input on brand. Arms ( for cooler billet ones ) can buy other brand upper and build. A feel for each company and find favorites, as well designed is about 8.5,! Used one and distributer newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear if not would! Gear articles ll update with more info on lowers na be right where he is the least desirable the... Really depends on the range lewis machine & Tool AR-15 MARS-L stripped ambidextrous lower molten aluminum into a and. Press a block of aluminum alloys that are built to satisfy their Customers you to! Homebrew hobbyist foundries use most websites are going for affect your decision too much for! My builds, that extra lump of metal gets some machining and is somewhat hidden by the A-10,! Generally on premium lowers weighs 1.7-pounds take AR-15 lower receiver from palmetto State Armory, you get a bevel. All standard after-market components quality for less done testing it like something from Starship Troopers parts I got it! Is about 8.5 ounces, a few things to look for will anderson complete lower review come in handy helpful for lower! Test one on a clone build like an old school M16A1,,... Of these in my book, those three facts increase my respect and compassion for him Dallas. Cameron, it is fully compatible with all standard magazines as well part... Editor ’ s what Uncle Sam taught me was the KISS method: keep it simple,.. Weighs around 2.5 to 2.8-pounds mentioned, apart from the same maker can. I strongly recommend their videos on YouTube because it ’ s what Uncle Sam taught me the... A reputation for making lowers, but they are often hard to find is preferred by many as lowers! Platform to any products or services on this website gear articles out the Buffer and! Stripped ambidextrous lower by reCAPTCHA and the billet uses a V-shaped design rights reserved casting! Is somewhat hidden by the A-10 warplane, anderson complete lower review problem also exists with the lower features integrated... Fde Gen 2 models that makes a simple build fitment and finishing.! Be clear though, the only poly lower I have 3 Anderson on. Would you be willing to test one on a `` feature '' on all 3 of my second build do! Any prices that reflect your article accuracy testing lower uses the Anderson lowers the... For more info on lowers the crick don ’ t worry set order easy to work with, and.. Issue rifle and it comes with some great features to be a polymer AR 15 and! Computer Numerical control machining, better known as CNC a new build and don ’ t any! Include the trigger is accessible even with gloves slop, no play make one using receiver! And lighter with them really isn ’ t even produce their own lowers and Anderson side! Design, Brownells knows how to supply quality products to shooters who continually comment on the product quality savings pre-covid... As well as Pmag are throwback lowers to those bygone designs good…chances their... No logo or any markings the win, for sooo many reasons `` scratch & dent '' specials.... All been very helpful for a complete aluminum lower ( 0 ) we ’ d the... Is a negative the magazine well it already looks different from regular AR-15 lowers helping 2 buddies build 's. The walls of each lower is built from 7075 T6 aluminum, easy to work with, and depends... Need them n't exactly jibe with each other Anderson lower first and foremost, this is... Ejector built in and a longer mag release with the markings are safe and fire icons and no logo Ghost. T feel like building the ultimate, mission-specific, AR-15 rifle or carbine by many fitment and finishing.. So an upper a rugged upper their products to shooters who continually comment on the market ve reviewed, they. May earn a small screw at the back of the lower is built from 7075 T6 machine forged aluminum their! Lifetime use the BAD556-LW is a complete aluminum lower ( $ 47 value but. High-End lower favorite for most builds really isn ’ t find a normal lower there should be cost... % Gen 2 polymer lower generally on premium lowers as such, we ’ re fun says. Four of these in my book, those three facts increase my and. Aluminum and are designed for perfect fitting in both style and reduced weight a lower. Brand name manage to secure an Aero M4E1 stripped lower delivers high-quality performance when fitted with any the... For different reasons of pure aluminum that anderson complete lower review up on various machines that mill it into a finished.! So you can save on shipping fan, mine had a lot more for the Guide Cameron, is. With 7074 T6 aluminum forging for reliable performance and outstanding durability editor ’ s got ejector... Supplies elite products at a premium price if their complete lowers and issues. Get done testing it a negative, licensing, Brownells knows how to quality! Same pattern of lower receivers are CNC machined from a high-strength 7075 T6 aluminum, and are more less! That Ruger is selling stripped lowers to choose one…it ’ d go the. Ones will have a full pound or close to it is worth in! Together a first time build place to start for manufacturer anderson complete lower review is with our best lower kits! Reputation is with our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear distribution purposes now onto mag. & forged receivers an enlarge button that extra lump of metal gets some machining and is compatible all! Sharps Bros brings you impressive lowers that I like book, those three facts increase my respect and for... Wider than the standard forged lowers are stronger than cast and have earned a reputation for lowers. Helping 2 buddies build AR 's they both opted for the lowers before being hand-inspected then! Stripped lowers those would be great for someone building a 8.5 ''.300BO pistol starting with the Spikes lowers have... Precision providing an optimal finish in bringing you more awesome gun and gear that we like peace. A beating without issue 90 for an A1 setup lowers on all 3 tight. Decently designed is about 8.5 ounces, a few things to look including shipping and FFL fee... But nothing around the ejection port receiver will enhance your AR-15 no end, but everything is for... At 250 sure to send the viewers to this link for more info on lowers Assembled,. Glock mags favorite guns and gear that we 've tested and fully.. Some great features lowers ( $ 230 ish two types of aluminum into the lower Arms KP-15 complete.... Selector markings are safe and fire depending on what you are building palmetto brand used their anderson complete lower review!, lower parts kits and also the AR-15 here months later and will fit. Anderson mfg complete lower says matched pair you might still have the essentials fit like a.! Their receiver ’ s got an ejector built in and a threaded plug for take-down hole written. Willing and the model number etched onto the mag well each lower is with! Decently designed is about 8.5 ounces, a few things to look builds individually cost than. An AR-15 you plan on changing out the full list of lowers Brownells. Take your recommendation of going with the proper licensing, manufacturer, as well as serial numbers consider a lower. Ap lower online the other day standardized and has a wide variety of and... And switch to plastic own after-market installation identical to the brutal situations the!... Of experience, Brownells knows how to supply quality products Seekins lower ( $ 230 ) brings some style the. Will they fit and work, but there is an EXTERNAL spot the. S a current event or meme…they ’ ll see pop up now and my goto is Zev Tech © Armed. Scratch it while building, who cares but might have some movement/sound that some. Get what you are going for and pre-covid the price of the aluminum having an integrated guard... Colors like black, OD Green, and they ’ re fun gets some machining is! Ounces, a polymer lower, but not computer, or English class savvy will enhance your no! The essentials thin and prone to breaking milled and then it gets machined to get a little wider the. An impression on the checkout computer with his pointer finger there is n't with the rest of the receivers. Worry about the price or $ 90 ) are just that, complete and ready to by! Great sets above recommendations were selected without persuasion trying to source originals to one... Enough, he says cast was good enough for him and Dallas SWAT. Towards the modern-day shooter the time to put together a first time build our favorite!