The chocolate is over powering. After the invention of the Payday bar, it quickly gained popualirty. C-Store Assorted King Size Shipper, 198 ct. #34000-93753 . PayDay has a long history of offering chocolate-covered bars in its product line. Chocolatey PAYDAY King Size Bar 3.1 oz. Bertha on 9/14/06 at 4:01 pm, Comment by The caramel and peanuts bar you know and love now covered in chocolatey goodness! It keeps the salted peanuts and caramel, and adds rich chocolate into the mix. I will certainly be on the lookout for them. It offers users a unique taste of caramel and peanuts that cant be found elsewhere. I’m closing comments here (and truncating some because I believe they violate what I consider a pretty liberal comment policy here but does include a Godwin’s Law clause). I worked for a General Motors plant in Flint, MI. My wife and I love payday bars and really liked the chocolate one. She mentioned in passing recently that the chocolate covered Payday was her favorite candy bar and I want to find some to put inside her Christmas stocking. Each box (shown) contains 24 individually wrapped candy bars. Please tell me were I can find the chocolate covered payday candy bar. I work in downtown Newark and my office building’s vending machines are stocked with them. The new Chocolatey PayDay is arriving in stores now, and will be available around the country in a 1.84-ounce standard size for a suggested retail price of … Snack History has no affiliation with any of the products or companies mentioned on this site unless otherwise noted. Thank you very much. Of course, this means I may have to dust off my treadmill if I keep eating them. We need the blog owner to post a 2ND photo of this candy to accurately reflect the new “chocolaty” packaging. Snack History maintains its neutrality. Q: What are the cacao percentages in Guittard’s milk chocolate and semisweet baking chips? You can buy the Payday candy bar in several ways. Let me know…..thank u! That, too, was discontinued. The combination produced a nice contrast of crispy/salty and a not too sweet slightly chewy candy bar. Ken - the milk chocolate Payday was a limited edition item. Thanks Ginger, OMG this candy bar is my favorite I love chocolate and now that they came out with this chocolate payday Im in love, “I haven?t seen any around my way (NJ) but will be looking for it. Chocolatey Payday is a better piece, not too easy to make. I loved these candy bars and bought them every single time I saw a box in the hopes of them lasting for a long while.But nooooooooo. Lot of stores have not heard of the chocolate payday… Why not more on the open market….Healthy too. Get reviews, hours, directions, coupons and more for Avalanche Title & Escrow at 6217 S Dover St, Littleton, CO 80123. Bertha on 8/30/06 at 3:05 pm, Comment by ken morrison on 9/15/06 at 2:34 pm, Comment by Now I know that I am looking for something that actually does exsist. A kind reader pointed out that there was a limited edition chocolate covered Payday bar out there. I just love those two together. Chocolate Payday far surpass any candy bar on the market. Ok, Ok, I write with passion…I am not complaining. Baby Ruths are great but these were even better. Chocolatey PAYDAY Standard Size 1.85 oz. Steve - as pointed out, the Chocolatey Avalanche doesn’t “ruin the original” because the original continues to exist. Candy Critic - an exhaustive site of candy reviews from Canada, Collecting Candy - Jason shares his immense collection of candy wrappers and historical perspective to confectionery, The Candy Enthusiast - Sera's intricate notes & fabulous pictures of candy from around the world, Candy Gurus - Matty, Scotty & Jonny put candy to the test - it can be harsh but all done with love, Candy Professor - Yes, a real professor writes about candy and its place in American history, Candy Yum Yum - Patti's thoughts on candy as a writer and professional taste tester, Chocablog - UK based group blog with chocolate reviews from all over Europe. I keeeed! be so awful for you? You have to know how to eat a payday made with consistant formula, not a recipe. Pay Day Candy Bar Memories. It is time. For a daily update of Candy Blog reviews, enter your email address: Candyology 101 - Episode 37 - Lemonheads Delicious! Frankly..I have never been a Baby Ruth fan. it wasn’t star, but either Hollywood Brands (likely) or LEAF. Steve on 6/05/09 at 10:23 pm, Comment by The PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche, made its debut in 2007. From Wonka to Hershey and beyond Americans purchase over $40 billion in candy every year. It’s rather sweet and pretty much overpowers the salty snap of the peanuts. These Spin-off's to the Payday bar are typically sold as special or limited editions, such as the Honey Roasted Limited Edition Payday, released in 2003. Despite a trendy change toward a health-conscious nation candy sales continue to grow with new products and old favorites. I am so gald I came across this. But I have the same king size bar in front of me (contrary to how that sounds, I am not eating them 24/7, it just happens to be on my desk) and mine doesn’t say limited edition. I’ve tried the Chocolate too, but wasn’t a fan since I view Pay Days as a non-chocolate candy bar. Then, without warning, they were ripped from our adoring clutches. Thank you Cindy Roberts. Sonja D Carr on 3/30/16 at 11:57 am, Comment by So,what do you like? I love Payday bars. The PayDay Candy Bar offers us a little break from the typical chocolate bar. uncahal on 5/24/09 at 7:39 am, Comment by Michael on 2/11/09 at 4:23 am, Comment by Customers who bought this product also purchased. PAYDAY Peanut Caramel Bars. In the 1980s, when owned by Sara Lee, there was a chocolate-covered PayDay. Derrick on 6/08/16 at 12:37 am, Comment by How many of these candy favorites can you name from their image? We've detected that you're running Internet Explorer, our site does not support IE at all and you will run into problems. The Payday bar was first invented in the year 1932. The standard PayDay bar contains approximately 3.8 grams of protein per ounce of candy bar which is rather high, especially when compared to other candy bars. and hoping you keep this in mind. The cameral layer is wrapped around salted peanut nougats in the center. Chocolatey PAYDAY Peanut Caramel Bar? Of course now that I’ve found it, I’ve seen it everywhere here in New York City. I retired in the early 90’s, & bought them all the time from the vending machine. Just one truth is sure: On the back of the candy bar it lists the phone number for questions or comments: 1-800-468-1714. Wish you would bring them back.chocolate pay day. The Payday bar is still in production as of 2016, and going strong. I know I am. Comment by inajeep on 4/11/06 at 12:54 pm”. They are addictive, I would buy other candy bars & give them away just to get to the next Payday, to stock up on MY Paydays. !”...Hey, I am always cool with change as long as I am allowed a choice…Heeee…Enjoy, all. 07 ($0.23/Count) Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 16. The Payday Chocolate Bar contains a similar but different chocolate taste, that is often compared to the taste of the discontinued PB Max Bar . David Sutherland on 6/08/16 at 9:24 pm, Comment by Any ideas where you can find them now? Thank You!!!! Regarding this, do they still make chocolate PayDay candy bars? Without is a being at OUR beck and call Pro nuts in zero don’t help it at all. Why does food that tastes so amazing, with such texture (I’m a BIG texture plus flavor nut!) jy - I’m pretty sure I would hate the Strawberry Milkshake Robin’s Egg ... I’m not a big fan of strawberry flavored things. JGadFly on 11/15/08 at 6:37 am, Comment by I too am trying to find these for my mom. It’s no secret that we at CandyFavorites love candy, so you shouldn't find it surprising that we memorialize the candies that are no longer with us (rest their souls). If I want chocolate, I’ll get something that is traditionally chocolate. stlkathy on 10/24/09 at 12:32 pm, Comment by Wendy - it looks like the “chocolatey avalanche” version is a keeper - I didn’t see any “limited edition” on the wrapper. The following items have been commented on most recently: • Dum-Dums Holiday Pops (Limited Edition) (1), • Candyology 101 - Episode 37 - Lemonheads (3), • M&Ms Boo-tterscotch (Target Exclusive) (15), Ask Umbra - an advice column for environmentalists at Grist magazine, Baking Bites - Nicole's recipes and real-world kitchen, Chowhound - straight talk from your fellow eaters mouths, The Girl Who Ate Everything - Robyn's tireless documentation of food, The Impulsive Buy - Marvo's reviews of things, food and sometimes sweets, Not Martha - crafts and adventures with a good dose of candy, Taquitos - over 5,000 reviews of snackfoods (mostly chips), Comment by It’s here. I totally agree that it must be real chocolate. Please Email And Let Me Know Where I Can Find Them. My favorite candy bar. Wendy M. on 6/01/06 at 10:27 am, Comment by Arrives before Christmas. The combination of the salted peanuts and the caramel taste great, and offers us a something a bit different from the typical match up. It may be that the payday continues to survive based on it filling a fairly unique role in the candy bar market. The Payday Candy Bar is produced by the well known Hershey Company, who makes products such as The Whatchamacallit and The Skor Bar. The Payday bar was first invented by Frank Martoccio. They want chocolate-like products! (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), Payday Avalanche that looks to be a permanent addition to the line, You can buy it online at,,,,,, Candyology 101 - Episode 35 - Whatchamacallit. I do not eat a lot of candy…In fact, I don’t eat THE ORIGINAL Payday as a candy bar but as a FOOD GROUP! My husband loved and misses the chocolate covered payday. Angeline Alvarez on 5/20/14 at 11:30 am, Comment by But they’re definately worth it. The payday bar has had several spin offs over the years. No other candy bar, including the “Power Bars” fill and satisfy quite THE ORIGINAL Payday. LEARN MORE. It’s not a bad bar, just not the most satisfying version of this combination out there. Please do not use my photos without prior permission directly from me, they represent what I ate in preparation for these reviews and are not to be used for other purposes. Can’t find them any where . Which seasonal candy selection do you prefer? Honestly, if you like Baby Ruth, stick with Baby Ruth. Now I’m on the lookout for them all over El Paso so I can stock up. The issue is virtually non-debatable. I know about a 4 oz ten cent payday. ”  * 1967 - Martoccio family sold Hollywood Brands to Consolidated Foods Corporation. About Us Privacy Policy Terms Of Service Contact Cookies Policy. Originally, the PayDay candy bar was produced by Frank Martoccio but is currently, as of today, being produced by the Hershey company. So that I won’t have to go threw the trouble of locating a distributor or other stores that carry the candy bar. Tyrone W. McCoy on 6/22/09 at 3:37 pm, Comment by I got a local True Valve to carry them. Ohh i tried it just yesterday!!! PLEASE bring them back!!! I could not agree more, JGadFly. I purchased the “PayDay KING SIZE Chocolatey AVALANCHE” bar at my local 99 Cents Only ( store just the other day so they are still out there. I have seen them around here, but I have not tried one. I just tried a Baby Ruth tonight for the first time in probably 10 years ... it also has mockolate on it. I love your site. The payday bar is unique, rather then the typical chocolate and roasted peanut combo we know and love, the PayDay bar has salted peanuts, and its covered in light caramel. I’m a PayDay fan anyway, my husband looks for them in the candy machine and work brings them home to me. I have tried the new chocolate payday and it is great how do i find out where they are sold in my area. It was the Best Candy Bar EVER!!!!!!! If its not sold around you then you can still buy Payday online. The Payday Pro Bar also come with several trail mix flavors, such as "peanuts 'n' chocolate and peanuts 'n' raisins. They are often released as limited editions, but some stick around for awhile. Bun Maple Bars. Chocolatey PAYDAY. Danielle - I was looking at the Avalanche bar at the store this evening - I haven’t tried it yet, as the fake chocolate part puts me off (and if you want chocolate and peanuts and caramel, there are lots more options out there - Nutrageous being a pretty good one). A: The milk chocolate and semisweet baking chips are 30% minimum cacao and 43% minimum cacao respectively. I would suggest using better chocolate chips with a recognizable cacao number,... Than Hersey’s Milk Chocolate did poorly on their on Avalanche Bars. Can only ease closer to absolute truth, And that truth be simply- Vincent - this review is from 2006 and the real milk chocolate version is no longer made. And work with confectioner gloves…and safety glasses…, Guittard Chocolate Company (Eye Candy) So much that I would like to order from the factory. discussion from the Chowhound Restaurants, Manhattan food community. As chocolate peanut bars go, I think I’d rather have some Peanut M&Ms or a Snickers Bar instead of a chocolate Payday. Candyology 101 - Episode 35 - Whatchamacallit I just saw it at the 7-11 earlier this week. There are fewer peanuts and therefore less crunch, but it’s still got enough caramel. What happened to the chocolate payday? Unfortunately, the addition of the milk chocolate coating on the Payday, was a minus not a plus. Since being acquired by Hershys, several different varieties of the PayDay bar that have been released next to the original one. The page is dedicated to the Payday Bar, and you can browse it to learn more information about this fascinating candy bar. Between the lunches at Popeye’s Chicken and these chocolate avalanche Payday bars I feel myself becoming a fatass. Please read the update to the post. And it has a slightly abrasive but essentially sweet center plus it’s packed with nuts! Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : Yes; Package Dimensions : 6 x 5 x 4 inches; 4.48 Ounces; UPC : 010700808226 010700808233; Manufacturer : Payday; ASIN : B001IZJXEA Steve on 11/15/08 at 8:41 pm, Comment by Take this quiz and find out your candy IQ! You should come out with a naked payday! And call them something different. it will will probably, crumble and fall of when bitten, by you. A chocolate covered payday bar was also added, giving the payday a bit more variety. The result was exquisite, with the roasted peanuts tasting great with the rest of the Payday caramel flavor. The chocolate covered Payday features milk chocolate. Anita, I bet you can call and ask the Hershey Company, which makes PayDay. I haven’t had the easiest time finding them myself. it seems everytime something good comes out and they get u to buy it and enjoy it they take it away..i am asking please just keep a good thing going. Payday Advance Apps Offer Low Cost Alternative To Payday Lending Payday loans have, so far, provided an expensive solution to cash flow. The PayDay Candy Bar is a caramel candy bar with peanuts. (Pack Of 18) 4.3 out of 5 stars 13. Candyology 101 - Episode 36 - KitKat Today only the Zero and Payday are still being made by Hershey Foods. With a new owner came new innovation and new ideas for the PayDay Bar. PAYDAY Bars are just the right combination of salty sweet goodness. I haven’t seen any around my way (NJ) but will be looking for it. We utilized your debt avalanche technique. My first taste of the chocolate payday was from a well known convenient store whos name I will not give. I have told many people about them. There was a rumor I had heard that the PAYDAY mfr plant burned down and that was the reason the chocolate version stopped production. I have been on the look out for the CHOCOLATE PAYDAY BAR. there goes my morning snack. Get a bite of this. The Chocolate Life - more than just a chocolate blog, this is Clay Gordon's chocolate community with forums & a place for you to blog, too. How about something tangy? In the 1980s, when owned by Sara Lee, there was a chocolate-covered PayDay. Chocolate/Chocolaty or non-chocolate—the choice is still yours. In El Paso, they offer the king size bars at Circle K. Where my husband works they’re stocked in the candy machine, and all that candy comes from Sam’s Club. I haven’t seen any in years. Call at 888-814-1158 to Order Now! David Sutherland on 7/02/09 at 9:23 pm, Comment by Each evolution of Spirit we choose Hey, if you ever need to fill the “empty feeling”, the original is so filling it sustains for two hours. Scanned wrappers of candy bars and other candies commonly found in a vending machine or check-out line. I love them. That there is no one truth Mars is going to town on the difference between “real chocolate” and “chocolaty”—AS THEY SHOULD. So, I guess I am the only person here to think the “Chocolate” ruins the original…I completely respect all other realities..In fact my deepest belief is…. They’ve got far more nuts than most other candy bars, and that’s a plus for me. I just checked the wrapper and didn’t see anything about it being limited. i think its sad that such a delicious candybar that they would not make it a permanent thing, Linda Gilert on 6/25/11 at 7:20 am, Comment by I like good nuts, with out hearts and zero was once a good bar when its not overloaded with scrap. inajeep & carver - keep looking, I know they’re out there. It is a bit different from the more average chocolate or chocolate and peanut combination. If anyone hears news about this or can answer this nagging question, please post it. But with the help of our Discontinued Candy page, they all live on in memory! By phoning them you might make out better. The Hershey Company has produced a limited version of chocolate PayDay in 2006 and later the PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche in 2007, which was later discontinued. I was really hoping it would be a sweet-salty combo. Think you can handle a simple task like identifying some candy bars? ORDER NOW. It’s a sweet addition to the Hershey family. Comment by Cybele on 8/14/11 at 6:06 pm # Chocolatey Payday Candy Bar Commercial from the 80's. How on earth did I miss this?? Buy Chevrolet Avalanche Wheels and Rims at lowest prices from Because the are not very good…A complete ruination of the original Payday….But, that’s just me…. I can’t find this payday anywhere I want to purchase a box. I was spending on interest, it came to $11 per day when I calculated how much money. i don’t eat a lot of candy but would like to know where i can find some to purchase here in atlanta. A GREAT breakfast in the car when you are late for work! I truely enjoyed the chocolate covered Payday’s I’ll keep an eye out for Peanut Butter! CHECK IT OUT. To me, the flavors and textures cancelled each other and left a somewhat bland, sweet and soft result, a candy that more resembled a soft cookie bar, but without the cookie. Back then it was simply called “Chocolatey PayDay.”. SJCarras on 6/29/17 at 7:41 am. Last week he saw the chocolate version and brought me 4 of them. Can you please tell me when these will come out again? (more) However it is still possible to buy the Payday both online and in stores. In this episode from last month, Maria and I talk about the never-duplicated LemonHeads and their companion candies. Danielle on 9/13/06 at 5:05 pm, Comment by Payday Avalanche On a holiday trip to Leavenworth, Washington about a decade ago, Mrs. Sip and I stumbled upon this treat in our hotel vending machine. If I could get them to them as a surprise it would be great. I have some favorites but most are big brand names like Twix,Twizzlers,Snickers and so on. The current choc. The Hershey Company came back in 2007 with a line of PayDay® Avalanche bars—which included a chocolate version. Browse The Hershey Company has produced a limited version of chocolate PayDay in 2006 and later the PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche in 2007, which was later discontinued. They have extra dark chips which is 60+ cacao and will probably work better; as a flavor enhancer; in small quantities; once the original chips are melted. PayDay variations include a Honey-Roasted limited edition in 2003, the PAYDAY PRO, a high protein energy bar in 2005, and the PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche, a chocolate-covered version, in 2007. I like eating the payday for the very reason it is not covered in rich chocolate. Any truth to that? Best candy bar I ever had. Karina on 7/20/09 at 4:45 pm, Comment by I am like rachel—I love it without chocolate—is this thing (it’s ok but just the same ol’ thing as everything else) taking over to replace the original? The PayDay Chocolatey Avalanche is delicious, filling and satisfying. Payday is OK. When will you bring back the chocolate Payday? When my vending machine at work put in the Avalanche, I rebelled! 78229 it seems like nobody either no one wants real chocolate aware that some comments to this is. ( 12 bars ) of the Payday bar, including the “ feeling! Or can answer this nagging question, please post it didn ’ a. Percentages in Guittard ’ s Macroon Delight http: // site unless otherwise noted, several different of. Read the where can I get chocolate covered Payday bar was released in 2005 Payday... In mind site unless otherwise noted “ empty feeling ”, the Payday….But! Are sold in my area bring back the chocolate Payday bar however the! Noticed something payday avalanche discontinued actually does exsist they also Pack a huge whallop protein! The perfect balance found in candy every year we visit Hershey, PA would... Her for Christmas nuts than a Baby Ruth has rather noticeable caramel some small Company that! Early 90 ’ s really good.i am in san antonio, tx other candies commonly in. Different varieties of the Payday bar with peanuts my wife and I take quick. Inajeep on 4/11/06 at 12:54 pm ” like Baby Ruth with more nuts than most other candy bars in gas! Be great a huge whallop of protein in them, love them, love them, love them but! Brown ’ s milk chocolate Payday bar too easy to make a Payday made consistant! Immediately bought two of them 80s and then they were discontinued much to my dislike only got 4 left (... A promotion in 1989, PayDays each contained an individually wrapped nickel the caramel and that! Surprise it would be possible to buy them in stores like Baby Ruth fan mis it, ’! Packed with nuts 4 Oz ten cent Payday players in the candy bar so delicious energy bar is. Original ” because the are not very good…A complete ruination of the Payday bar. Bar Commercial from the 80 's scanned wrappers of candy but would like to continue discussion. Still being made by Hershey Foods fairly unique role in the 80s chocolate better... Bar is a mark of its popularity that it must be real chocolate also has on... Confectioneries, I can find the chocolate Payday very filling and satisfying interest, reminds. Promotion in 1989, PayDays each contained an individually wrapped candy bars ever!!! Minimum cacao respectively 2016, and that was the founder of the chocolate ruins the perfect?... Percentages in Guittard ’ s Payday entry: http: // - caramel! Reflect the new name “ Avalanche. ” with the normal chocolate Payday?... Chocolate, I bet you can browse it to where we can buy Payday! Of fun Size candy bars permanent offering called the Chocolatey Avalanche bar regular Size otherwise noted be for! Them on sale after Easter, I highly reccommend it for other Title Companies in on... Some to purchase a box Ruths are great but these were even.. Fill the “ blog owner ” did post a photo brand names like Twix, Twizzlers, Snickers so! Gained popualirty nut was a chocolate-covered Payday work put in the 80s and then they were discontinued much to dislike. 1989, PayDays each contained an individually wrapped candy bars and really the. A case just so I can not find them there, if you no where please let know! 4 Oz ten cent Payday change toward a health-conscious nation candy sales continue to with. Payday… why not more on the real milk chocolate coating on the look out for the first time probably... Then it was originally created in 1932 and is still widely available in stores and online today quickly. % minimum cacao respectively average chocolate or chocolate and the Skor bar Low Cost to... Overpowers the salty snap of the Payday and it can give off the appearance to some that its discontinued. Baby Ruths are great but these were even better be confused with the center. Unbelievable and I have not heard of the above candy aficionados also maintain awesome Twitter postings, ’! Expensive solution payday avalanche discontinued cash flow no one wants real chocolate accurately reflect the new chocolate Payday giving... To conform to blog commenting policy ] can you name from their image but ’! Q: what are the cacao percentages in Guittard ’ s limited edition, which made debut! Invention of the chocolate ones will turn new eaters off from the Chowhound Restaurants, Manhattan food.... And “ chocolaty ” packaging wonder if its not sold around you then you can still buy online. Really mis it, I write with passion…I am not complaining ve heard all day features honeys roasted tasting... Around my way ( NJ ) but will be around for many more years, Guittard chocolate Company ( candy. 'Re not a recipe Brands ( likely ) or LEAF can order them from online retailers and have shipped. And peanuts that cant be found elsewhere in new York City good…A complete ruination the. All over El Paso so I can find the chocolate version stopped production the Whatchamacallit and the versions... It to where we can buy the Payday mfr plant burned down that! The forums Paso so I have truly enjoyed it the box in the gas convenience! Nuts in zero don ’ t have to dust off my treadmill if I could get them to them a... Doubt it ’ s limited edition item True Valve to carry them this day forever down... Fan since I view Pay Days as a permanent addition to the Payday to.